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Stone / Wood Maintenance


Aamal Services offers a variety of natural stone care services, including stone cleaning and stone polishing and crystallization. Expert technicians will restore your stone and have it looking like new!

Aamal Services Crystallization

Marble floors can become dull or scratched, predominantly due to foot traffic. We use the crystallization process, a combination of mechanical and chemical reactions, to restore the stone. This procedure is normally performed in four steps, which include: floor machine work, crystallization chemical application, grinding discs, and floor pads.

Restoring and Maintaining

All stone requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity and preserve integrity. You will find a variety of stone care cleaning products for your natural or synthetic stone. This Includes: Marble, Granite and Limestone, Onyx and Terrazzo, Travertine and Slate Bluestone and Grout.

Lippage Removal

Sometimes where a stone tile meets the grout line, it becomes raised up. Using metal bonded diamond plates, we restore it to its correct, flat state.


Wood floor refinishing is an extremely common procedure, but it is best left to "Aamal services" the professionals.

We have thoroughly trained our cleaning and restoration technicians, and they will arrive at your doorstep armed with knowledge and experience.

No matter what type of floors Aamal Services is cleaning and restoring for you, our technologically advanced equipment and our knowledgeable experts will surpass your expectations with more speed and with more skill than any other company. We are positive you will be amazed at the beauty of your floors when our job is complete. We have also invested in top of the line equipment to minimize those few downsides to wood floor refinishing, including noise and dust.