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General Manager Welcome Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the courtesy of considering Aamal Services to take care of your business facilities.

Aamal Services is one of the leading Facilities Management Service Providers in Qatar, with over 17 years of experience in Qatar. Aamal Services has achieved success by consistently delivering high quality services to multiple business segments, ensuring we meet agreed expectations and striving to exceed these. Our focus is on service excellence, catering for specific needs of our customers and having a portfolio of services to offer to new opportunities, by using industry best practice principles to meet the requirements and looking to bring innovation to exceed these.

At Aamal Services, we are keen to establish a solid and long term relationship with our customers, we strive to be an integral part of our customers continued success. Our core values are based around customer service and we strive to align these with our customer’s long term strategy, we aim to add value to your brand, at every opportunity and ensure that we deliver our services to the highest possible standards.

Our qualified and well-trained staff are our capital, and we are committed to ensuring their well-being and satisfaction. Our dedicated team guarantees that our project methodologies are implemented to the highest possible standards and in keeping with the company's Training and Quality Assurance (QA) System. Our QA System ensures that we consistently focus on providing the best possible level of service to our customers.

With the economic development taking place in Qatar, the Facilities Management market is expanding and becoming more sophisticated. Aamal Services will meet the needs of this new dynamic change in growth and sophistication. Our goal is to meet customer’s specific needs by offering efficient solutions today, whilst looking to develop and innovate for the future.

Aamal Services have enjoyed great success over the years, this being achieved by and with the support of our customers and our aim is to continue our growth with our present customers whilst looking to new opportunities and enhancement of our customer portfolio.

Joseph McMullan