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Highrise Facade / Glass Glass Cleaning

Aamal Services employs trained glass and window cleaners. Whether it is a ground level storefront, or the top floor of a high-rise tower, Aamal Services is equipped with the skills and products necessary for most glass, window, and façade cleaning. In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety laws, Aamal Services works diligently to always maintain safe working conditions for all high area work. We will carry out a full assessment including a risk assessment of any areas where access may be a problem. Our trained rope access operatives can provide the solution to accessing areas other methods may be impossible to reach.

Due to Qatar’s harsh and dusty conditions, it has become impossible to avoid regular cleaning of windows and facades. In addition, graffiti and neighboring construction may generate even more dust, thereby requiring more frequent cleanings. And if maintenance work is postponed too long, aggressive methods and harsh chemicals may need to be used, thereby causing cleaning costs to escalate. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask our customer advisor or friendly sales staff about the specific possibilities of our façade and glass-cleaning service.